Hispanic Diversity in the United States

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The Hispanic diversity of the United States has been well documented in immigration

and population numbers for many years. In 1994, there were 26.4 million Hispanic

Americans living in the Continental United States.In 2005 that number had ballooned to

over 35 million.Now in 2008 the number is over 45 million people.(US Census 2008) The

four main groups of Hispanic citizens are the people from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico

and Central America.Our Hispanic population has given the United States many

contributions to politics, economics, family traditions and bilingual advancement in the


Mexican Americans, probably our best known and documented immigrated citizen

to The United States has made great strides in developing our culture and adding

Rich history to our country.Economic contributions cannot be overlooked,while

being one of the least educated groups and most economic disadvantaged groups

Mexican Americans are a key attribute to our economy by continuing to participate

In great numbers in the workforce in pursuit of their part of the American dream.

Mexican Americans are excellent contributors to politics as well. Cesar Estrada Chavez

Founded and led the first successful farm workers' union in U.S. history.This was aimed

at fair wages for worker to avoid the poverty he was forced to endure as a young man

Federico Pena Was the first Mexican American to head the Department of transportation.

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