Hispanic American Culture Dance

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Hispanic American community are rooted from their origins in Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish speaking countries that have come together and form a culture in the United State of America. The culture is built in different categories; for instance, religion, social custom, health practices their privacy, and birth. They come from a comprehensive familiar culture that has been called the second in America. Because of their pride and affection they feel unsafe to give up their past. Their notoriety in the United State has been their resistance to assimilate; their guarded image of Hispanic-American culture has been the tongue of flame. However, their remarkable legacy, Hispanics carry from Latin America is not their language, an inflatable skin, but breathe itself, capacity of soul, an inclination to live. The genius of Latin America is the habit synthesis. Their dance is colorful and beautiful. The dance is to keep in touch with their culture, pass down their culture heritage, and to unite people from different ethnicity who share their passion for dance. Through dancing, help in meditation, to promote health, and spiritual well being.

The social custom of the Hispanic heritage is based on their lifestyle where the elders have the prestigious position in the Hispanic family because of their experience. When it comes to advice, they look for their family elders; for example when one becomes sick, he goes to family elders for support, advice, and console. The elder may advise safe, simple home remedial. The Hispanic believe that the men are the head of the family and makes all major decisions while the female role are equivalent because they are the maternal powerhouse in their homes. The women are said to be...

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...that health is a gift from god and should be taken with a great respect. The prevention of illness is an accepted practice that is achieved through prayers. Shrines with statues and pictures of saint are in the homes of many Hispanic. The observable practice is candle lighting, visiting shrines, and offering prayers. They lit candled and recite prayers. In Hispanic family, the adult and children are to come home from school or working place to have a lengthy of time eating together their main meal. The Hispanic American has adopted a three-meal system where the midday and evening meal are important with a light breakfast. When the visitors are around after the meal they may have time to dawdle and talk over coffee or have a drink after dinner. In addition, when another serving is given, the Hispanic tends to accept only after which the second or third time offered.
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