His Eyes and Ears: A Life Experience

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The early morning dew is lingering in the air, the sunrise slowly creeps into the sky, it’s seven twenty-five am, and he has finally arrived. I hurry to the bus doors as they open, and I greet him with a big, sincere smile. His special grin that is engraved in my heart returns the gesture. His eyes dart to the ground as the sun’s ray sting his eyes. Shielding his eyes, I provide enough comfort for him to look up. I position my firm hand over his fragile hands offering guidance as we walk inside. He gladly accepts my hand, and together we climb the steps, and then stroll toward the door. Children of all ages greet us in hugs, high fives, and smiles. They direct a million questions at me. “Can he talk?” “What’s wrong with him?” “He talks with his hands right?” I struggle to think of the words that will form a perfect answer for their curious little minds. I wonder why it is so hard to explain. The truth is, I can’t find the words that describe how special, unique, and talented this little deafblind child is. I can’t find the words to describe how this extraordinary child has altered my life and many others. Though I have all five of my senses, deafblindness has impacted my world in ways indescribable. Helen Keller, also deafblind, once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This well-known quote has become a daily journey for us. Through my eyes and ears, I give vision and hearing to this child. Through my eyes and ears, I provide experiences that create memories. Through my eyes and ears, I transform meaningless objects into meaningful things. We continue to stroll through the hallways; it takes forever with his tiny legs, no time at all for my long legs. We stopped several times along the way to explore t... ... middle of paper ... ...to be a constant battle for him, and through each battle won, he will continue to impact the world in a big way. This child has boldly proven to others that he is capable of conquering any task that is asked of him-many phenomenal goals accomplished. I’ve worked with him both at home and at school for a total of three years. I’ve had the blessed opportunity to watch my student overcome what was thought to be permanent life barriers. Though he has a dual sensory loss, he has accomplished more that he was expected to accomplish. His everyday life is a struggling journey that he isn’t forced to experience alone. His educators, parents, and specialists experience it with him. They are highly educated, eager to learn, motivated to work hard, diligently, as a team. Together, through my eyes and ears, we will continue to grasp the knowledge needed to survive in this world.

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