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What is a huge dance style in the world today that was created only forty years ago? That's right, hip hop. Although it has had a short time span, hip hop has impacted the world in numerous ways. How did it all start? it started from two highly different areas the first in a poor neighbor hood in New York City and all they could do in their free time was to throw Block parties and dance. while this was occurring the other half of the greatest dance style was forming on the other side of the country. These dancers danced in a different fashion than the first group. first dance style was more acrobatic and the second focused on isolating sharp movements.
Hip hop dance first originated in the 1960's and the 1970's one of the main birthplaces of hip hop was in one of New York City's poorest ghetto quarters the South Bronx. Hip hop dancing started with DJs coming into the streets with huge speakers kicking off what is now known as block parties. A man, who is known as the father of hip hop, "DJ Kool Herc" Would remix songs by making longer instrumental breaks between verses as long as he pleased by repeating the same breaks on a turn table this allowed more time for the street dancers or "B-boys" which stood for "Break-Boys" to show off their dancing skill. The hip hop moves combined Complex rhythms and a down-to-earth movement style. Most of these B-Boys dancing was acrobatic, or what kid no-a-days call Breakdancing but true "Break dancing" is completed how it was in the 1960s with insanely long instrumental breaks and incredible dancers battling it out with both footwork moves and acrobatic moves.
Breaking first started strictly toprock, footwork-oriented dances moves implemented while standing straight up. Toprock is used ty...

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...ludes other illusory dance styles like liquid, tutting, waving, and gliding. The most famous popping move is the moonwalk because Michael Jackson performed it on ABC's Motown 25 television special which popularized it throughout the world. forty years ago if DJ Kool Herc was told that he latter would have been called the father of hip hop he probably would think they were crazy because what he saw when he was DJing wasn't what was now known as hip hop he saw people getting together just to do what the love and dance. the same response would come from Boogaloo Sam he was just there to dance and performed it wasn't hip hop dance it just was Boogaloo to hip hop music. what these two men Created and did was so much more though it started a dance style from both east and west coast which was then popularized to the world to what we at is known today as hip hop.

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