Hester Prynne Character Analysis

Hester Prynne. The face of beauty, sin, and inner-strength. She wears an “A” upon her bosom and embraces another symbol of her sin in her arms. Hester Prynne made one mistake that got the townspeople ranting. The townspeople make rude comments about Hester and the beautifully embroidered “A”. She stood upon a scaffold, Pearl in hand, and allows her peers to judge her. She didn’t react to any of the mean comments or glares. Her husband and lover keep their identities concealed from society while she takes the blame for the crime. In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, he illustrates to readers how strong Hester 's character is, revealed through her public humiliation, and her lover’s actions towards her. Hawthorne presents Hester as the face of adultery. Readers don’t know the full story on the sin, therefore, readers assume she is who the townspeople say she is. (quote on townspeople) Hester stands with confidence and a poker face as her…show more content…
He fell in love with Hester because of her striking beauty and, he too, wants to keep his identity a secret to his peers. He feels guilty while he sees Hester standing on the scaffold, but he doesn’t stand up there with her. He should have been a man and admitted to the crime like Hester did. After a while, Dimmesdale’s guilt eats away at his health. Dimmesdale becomes ill due to the medical services given by Chillingworth. Chillingworth knows Dimmesdale is Hester’s lover and he will get the revenge he wants. Dimmesdale is oblivious to Chillingworth’s “kindness” and his health declines quickly. One night, Dimmesdale finds himself standing on the scaffold like he was going to shout to the world that he was Hester’s partner. (quote on when he was on the scaffold). This was the time to admit his sin so the guilt would lessen. Hawthorne is showing how weak Dimmesdale is as a person and that Hester doesn’t deserve someone as weak as
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