Heroes and Superhuman Deeds

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Super-Human Deeds

Many people think of a hero as a person with superhuman powers and/or infallible

virtues. Superman, Batman and Spiderman are typical movie and comic book heroes. Superman

possesses super-human powers of strength and sight. Batman is a technical genius, using his

tools and wits to catch and outsmart the bad guys. Spiderman swings from a web and uses

his “Spider-sense” to catch criminals. However, they each start off as seemingly ordinary

citizens. Neither of them has any outward bad habits and neither ever hangs around to be thanked

for their good deeds, which is virtuous. Neither one was born a superhuman (except Superman).

Not every person can become a hero. Many people aspire to be heroic minded. However, many

people do not have the capacity to act heroically. Heroes are actually everyday people doing

what needs to be done or ordinary people making exemplary sacrifices.

People who are paid to perform a particular service are not heroes, in a pure sense. Sports

figures are not true heroes. There is nothing heroic about being paid for playing a sport that you

love. Sports figures do put forth effort that is to be greatly admired and can be used as great role

models for sportsmanship. Many people like to think of politicians as heroes. While they may

exemplify what is the best of human intentions, they are compensated greatly for the effort they

put forth in order to serve the people. Society is taught to revere sports figures, Hollywood stars

and politicians as heroes. Too much emphasis is put on people that are highly compensated for

performing a service. Many of them are even idolized but most of the idols have fallen from their

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pedestals. At times they have exemplified the human foi...

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...s in this society.

He is owed a debt of thanks that he never received while he lived.

Heroes are all around us, everyday, living, learning, working and playing. They do

not wake up thinking that perhaps they will be a hero today. They just observe the immediate

situation and follow through with the action necessary to get the situation taken care of, in a

timely manner, without thought of personal gain, comfort or safety. Society cannot put a dollar

sign on what they are worth because there is not a dollar amount large enough to compensate

true heroism.

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