Hercules Epic Hero Essay

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Hercules my Epic Hero

I think that Heracles best known as Hercules, is an epic hero. You may be asking WHY? well for me the answer is pretty easy he is a really strong Demigod. According to the Greek Mythology " Hercules is Best know as the strongest of all mortals and even stronger than many gods." He was the last mortal son of Zeus and the only man born of a mortal women to become a god upon his death. It was said that Hercules was a really strong Hero, that Hercules had a complicated family, and he was a great warrior. Hercules was the most famous hero of the ancients times there are more stories told about him then any other hero, Hercules was worshiped in many temples in Greece and Rome.But Hercules just like anyone else had problems and he made …show more content…

they said that Hercules had the strength of ten men. But the gods did give him the gift of strength but not the intelligence gift, Hera that was Zeus wife she was really jealous of Hercules because his was not his son Zeus cheated on her, and Hera make Hercules lose his mind and she make him kill his own family (his wife and kids). Zeus tell her to make Hercules come to normal, but Hercules was punishment for killing his family even that it was not his fault, it was Hera's fault, but that didn't matter he was punishment for that but because of killing his family.when he was send to the earth, he had to deal with 12 labors one of it was first labor number 1: kill the Nemean, Lion, he killed with his own hands, 2: kill the Lenten Hydra, 3:Capture the Eryman Boar, 4: Capture Cerynian Hind, 5: Clean the Augean stables, 6:Kill the stymphalia Birds, 7:Capture the Horses of Dioedes, 8; Capture the Cretan Bull 9: Take the Gidle of Amaon Queen Hippolyte, 10:Capture the Cattle of Geryon, 11: Take the Golden Apples of Hesperides, 12:Capture Cerberus, those were his twelve labors. After that he was free to do anything that he wanted to do with his

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