Her Body, Her Choice

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Banning abortion, put women at a higher risk of going out and finding illegal way to have the procedure done (“Abortion Information” 1). Once abortion became illegal in the United States 1.2 million abortions were preformed illegally. Dangerous attempts have been made by women to preform their own abortion, or have them done by unskilled surgeons often with dangerous instruments and sometimes in unsanitary conditions. Serious complication from unsafe abortion included, “perforations of the uterus, retained placentas, severe bleeding, cervical wounds, and rampant infections” (Currie 17.) Abortion has become safer over the years and should be legalized in every state in the United States; abortion should also be kept private between the client and doctor.
Fetus is a term for a developing mammal or other animal. It does not point to what the life-form is but merely what stage of development the fetus is at” (Sheppard 1). The difference between a fetus and a newborn is that a newborn can feel pain a fetus cannot. Pain is considered a reflex that is not developed until the end of pregnancy (Currie 30). People believe that the fetus can feel the pain as it being aborted, but realistically they do not develop their nervous system until the later in the pregnancy (Eckholm 1). Not enough evidence suggests that the fetus feel the same pain as humans. The brain connections required to feel pain are not formed until at least 24-weeks. Until brain operation is detected the fetus is still not a person, up until the second trimester can any detection of brain activity be detected (Sheppard 1).
They only way a fetus can survive are in the mother’s womb within the first two trimesters. Without the expenses of another human the fetus would ...

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