Henry IV

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Sleep is the most important part of a normal life, a refuge from the withering blast of daily activities. King Henry seeks shelter in blissful oblivion from the overwhelming responsibilities of his status, but fails to achieve escape because of his flurrying thoughts. His carefully considered word choice, specifically chosen imagery and well-constructed syntax show that he is not lacking rest because of natural causes, but instead denies himself by worrying about his problems.

Most normal people, even heads of state, seldom worry about choosing the right word for everything. Yet King Henry has myriad vocabulary to apply to his current situation, indicating that his clear and active mind has considered possibilities for a significant period of time. Phrases such as "steep my sensed in forgetfulness" and "rude imperious surge" show that Henry chooses to go beyond normal speaking style, adopting an almost poetic manner that hints at the power of his mind. He seems almost mythical in the exact fit of his vocabulary, yet only...
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