Henry Ford

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Henry Ford revolutionized the American automotive industry and forever changed transportation. Born on the morning of July 30, 1863 in a patch of Michigan woods, Henry Ford matured into the founder of the Ford Motor Co. that made the Ford name famous. The Ford Motor Co. would develop American automotive icons that continue to make a lasting impression.

Henry's ancestors came to Michigan from Ireland in hope of a new life in a New World. His parents, William and Mary found success in America, unfortunately Mary died a tragic death after complications of the birth of her eighth child (Lacey 11). At the young age of fourteen Henry is already interested in industry and mechanics, he sees his first steam engine that gave him newfound enthusiasm to continue with his interest. Without hesitation Henry immediately gets out into the exciting working world and starts his own business with friend James Flower in 1879 called the James Flower And Brother Machine Shop. Soon moving to Detroit, Henry uses his skills from his company to get hired at the Detroit Dry Dock Company where he meets a major inspiration, a construction engineer by the name of Frank Kirby (Lacey 24). Kirby taught Henry to "Stick in his toenails" and to work hard if he wanted to succeed, Henry took him very seriously. Many years later Henry shows his respect to Frank when he decides to place the names of the world's greatest inventors and scientists on his engineering laboratory in Detroit. The names included Copernicus, Edison, Newton and Kirby. Henry had been working very hard lately and took a break from his industrial career to venture back to the family farm where he married Clara Bryant on April 11, 1888 (Lacey 32).

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... public, he succeeded in giving all of the United States access to travel anywhere they desire. While at the same time the nation's economy soared from the sales of other industries that supported his factories, such as rubber, steel and glass. Consumers were no longer confined to their small towns, now they can bring their families and their money to enjoy great cities such as Detroit, where Ford got his lucky break in industry.

Today the automobile industry is stronger than ever, selling millions of cars to eager consumers. Every year new models are released with newer features and technology to lure the purchaser. Every manufacturer today should thank Ford for what it has done in the past, whether it was the assembly line, interchangeable parts, strong quality of the Model T, it's undeniable what Ford has done for the industry, economy and transportation.
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