Helena Maria Williams The Nightmare Before Christmas Analysis

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The nightmare before christmas The author has a bad feeling about santa "A grumpy look came upon his face this guy is scary, and I bet he carries mace." He's feelings were so sting he ended the poem with "Ill hate till the day I am dead." He used rhyme throughout the poem "toys, noise" and "face, mace" He also used rhythm in both short and long patterns. "He ate all my cookies, Drunk all my milk; he had heavy boots, and a coat made of silk." Sonnet on Reading Burns' Mountain Daisy A mountain daisy would be glimpsed at one’s feet along the trail. It might be plucked, to last for a few moments, and then thrown away along the path. A poem, composed in celebration of the fragile beauty of the mountain daisy, if the poet is lucky, might last for more than two hundred years. Helena Maria Williams Helena Maria Williams here pays homage to the poet Robert Burns by addressing one of his poems, but in doing so praises the …show more content…

Williams opens the poem with two time markers: “while” and “soon” (1). “While” points to the meantime, a time between birth and death perhaps. “Soon” points to a future time, here, the time when the flower will fade or “decay.” Williams introduces the theme of death or impermanence, a theme which she’ll develop into her larger praise of poetry’s capacity to make the objects of its art eternal. She presents the image of Burns’s poem, the mountain daisy, and pictures it in its biological life as “scatter’d” (2), an image that brings to mind the image of a daisy’s petals torn from the flower and lying on the ground in disorder. It’s not unexpected that a faded flower would “neglected lie” (2), because all spent flowers are ignored, if not just swept away. This

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