Character Analysis Of The Movie 'Four Christmases'

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The movie Four Christmases has two main characters are Vince Vaughn (Brad) and Reese Witherspoon (Kate). This movie is about an unmarried couple that has no plans of getting married or having children anytime soon. Every Christmas they plan an adventurous vacation for the two of them. They do this to avoid going to all of their families’ houses for the holiday. This year Kate and Brad planned to go to Fiji for vacation, but the weather took a turn for the worst and they weren’t able to go. Due to the weather, their flight got cancelled. The news caught them on live television alerting their families that they were now available for Christmas. Both Brad and Kate’s families are divorced, so there were four families to visit. They plan…show more content…
Brad is a successful lawyer in San Francisco that is outgoing and has a lot to say when asked his opinion. He comes from a broken home consisting of two older brothers and parents who divorced when he was young. Judging by his educated demeanor, highly expressive self, you would not think Brad comes from a lower class family. His father and brothers portray the stereotypical redneck family, while his mom is a free spirit who didn 't have a career. Growing up, Brad never felt like he fit in with his family and since he was so uncomfortable, it affected him into adulthood. Brad is someone who always considers risks when making decisions and the biggest risks he wants to avoid is getting married and starting a family. He fears these life changes because he is afraid of repeating his parents’ mistakes. Brad plays the role of Kate’s long-term partner who in the beginning of the movie supported Brad 's decision of being a couple without any plans to start a family or get married. Even though they aren 't a married couple, people mistake them to be engaged due to their interactions together, which is really dynamic and in sync. Brad is considered a rounded character. When Kate tells Brad that she does want to start a family he tells her no, they have a fight and for the first time in the movie they are apart as Kate goes to her dad’s house and Brad goes off to his dad’s house. Brad also realizes that he is not so different from his father, who he doesn 't get along with when his father tells him that marriage and kids was the worst decision he’s made in his life. Towards the end of the movie, Brad decides he is okay with making changes in his life, which meant having kids and getting married. Brad finally goes back to Kate and tells her that he is open to starting a family and everything that goes along with
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