Heat Loss Through Convection and Evaporation

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Heat Loss Through Convection and Evaporation


Investigate if heat is lost through convection quicker then



Beakers, water (150ml), Thermometer,

stand and clamp, red material, scissors and timer.

Key factors


I need to keep the size of the beaker, water (150ml), temperature and

insulating material. I need to

Change where I put the insulating material on the beaker. I need to

measure the water (150ml).

To make this experiment a fair test I will have to keep the following

factors the same:

* Volume of water

* Starting temperature of water

* The number of times the insulation is wrapped around the container

* Material of container

* Where the thermometer is placed in the water

* Be careful to protect eyes by using safety goggles

If I keep all of these the same my experiment will be a fair one.


1. Put on safety goggles

2. Collect all the equipment that is needed as shown in apparatus

list above

3. Wrap the two containers with the chosen insulators.

4. Boil kettle

5. Pour 150ml of boiled water into measuring cylinder

6. Pour this into one of the two containers

7. Put the thermometer in the water

8. Wait until the water cools down to 65°c

9. Start stop clock

10. Record the temperature every minute for 20 minutes

11. Repeat procedure for the other container

12. Repeat the whole set of experiment twice to ensure greater



Safety precautions are needed because I am dealing with hot water,

which can scald. The following things need to be thought about, in

order to keep this experiment safe:

* Be careful not to knock over the container with the hot water in
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