Heart at Home, Mind at War

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Both, Tim O’Brien and Rick Bragg give the reader a sense of what each soldier had to under go while over seas. Dealing with the harsh climate and vigorous terrain in Tim O’Brien’s, Things They Carried the reader sees that the warriors did not only have to deal with the land of the foreign country but also had to undergo dealing with the hardship that came with leaving family behind, missing their loved ones and wanting to return home in one piece. The reader finds out that the love for family can get you killed faster then loving no one at all. As the reader interprets what Rick Bragg describes in the book, I Am a Soldier, Too they start to realize that the soldiers in Iraq are undergoing the fear of leaving their families behind and also coming back home safely as well. Jessica Lynch leaves behind her family, her friends and her small town life style for war where she finds herself held captive by Iraqi Soldiers. Not only does Jessica have to cope with already being away from her family but now she has to fight for her life, make critical decisions and pray that she gets back home to her small town safely. Right before being taken by the Iraqi soldiers Jessica remembers praying, “Oh God help us. Oh God get us out of here” (p254). Fighting for her life she goes to the only person that she knows could help in the horrific situation she is now having to under go. Some people say that God is good, Jessica says, “The belief in God is what kept me alive at some points.” This goes to show that sometimes you have to believe in something to get you through things that are bigger than you. While the reader gets to know the character Jimmy Cross in Tim O’ Brien’s book, The Things They Carried they find out that he has a loved one at home... ... middle of paper ... ...re heroes, but I don't look at myself that way," (line 7). Jessica is referring to her role as a POW rescued from a hospital in Iraq by American forces in 2003. The unforgettable actions of these characters just goes to show the heroic adventures soldiers unknowingly sign their lives away for. Missing family, loved ones and small town life styles are just a couple of things that have kept soldiers alive in life or death situations while in battle. Jessica Lynch and Jimmy Cross are prime examples of soldiers that are fighting for what they love and care for. Works Cited Bragg, Rick. I Am a Soldier, Too. Alfred A. Knopf: New York, 2003. Print. “Jessica Lynch Quotes.” 2004. Brainy Quote. 25 April 2014. Web. O’Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried. New York: Broadway Books, 1990. Print. “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” 2003. NBC News. Documentary. 18 April 2014. Web.
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