Harley Davidson Case Analysis

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Harley Davidson is a company that’s been around for over a hundred years. It continues to have success today and is becoming one of the most established motorcycle brands in the world. The company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. Harley was one of the American motorcycle manufacturers to survive numerous ownership changes, constant economic hardships, and global competition. Through part of its history, the Harley brand has been a representation of what America is today. Their bikes were used during both World War I and II. The Harley Davidson brand was discovered by the Davidson family, and a childhood friend named William S. Harley. Together they worked on creating new prototypes that would help them and soon after present it…show more content…
The Japanese used plastic opposed to steel like Harley. Harley recognized that they were unable to compete with Japanese brands such as Honda. They developed this concept where value was more preferable then a much affordable bike. In other words, they preferred to create a quality bike than to do the opposite and compete with the Japanese. Harley now has attracted consumers with a must have attitude. The former CEO Jeff Bleustein has played a major contribution to the success of Harley Davidson. Bleustein has been with the company for over three decades and helped regain market share and recapture its position as the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the United States. He started as an executive and soon became a CEO for all the contributions to establish the brand. During his tenure as a CEO, records of revenue and earnings increased. All this was through new development of products, upgrades in technological advances, strengthening a dealer network, and lastly a close to the customer marketing. Through all these initiatives, Harley Davidson continues to be one of the best American manufactured Motorcycle…show more content…
Its distinctiveness begins at the very top of the company with the CEO’s and chairman’s of the company. They view Harley Davidson as a family and lifestyle, an experience they want to share with others. One of the most important aspects as to why the product is unique has to do with the consumers who are loyal to such a brand. As stated by one of the CEO’s “it’s a bike that represents America”. Harley Davidson emphasizes that brand loyalty is important whether you’re a consumer, employer, stakeholder, or any part of society. It gives people that idea of riding free, and that it’s America’s patriotic bike. The brand stands for freedom, individuality, expressing who you are, getting out on the open road and adventure, and life to its fullest. Observing for market opportunities and understanding what your consumers want is what keeps the customers happy. Harley consumers are prideful of their bikes, it fits their needs whether they are traditional or not, there is a bike for everyone. Most motorcyclist love the sound of the engine. Harley has hit their products to satisfy all of their customer’s needs. To show how much they stand for what America is today, on the actual bikes, there is an American flag and the eagle. Those symbolic figures are representing the passion and freedom Americans love to enjoy. In terms of the consumers, Harley Davidson is great when it comes to
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