Hamlet's Flaws and Sanity

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William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is a classic revenge tale. “Hamlet” is well known for the famous soliloquy “To be, or not to be” which I find best to describe Hamlet’s character. Hamlet was given the task to avenge his father’s death. As the story progress Hamlet begins to question his worthiness, questioning his very existence. Hamlet’s emotions influence his every action throughout the story. Hamlet is not the typical hero that readers label; he has many imperfections and displays his own manner of heroism. I will talk about Hamlet’s flaws and his sanity in this essay, and with them opinions of others as well as my own. I will also include my thoughts about the central theme and symbols in the story.

Hamlet actions don’t differ from everyday people. Hamlet show evidence of melancholic and rash emotions during the play, but his pride is obviously indecisive. The moment Hamlet is introduced to the play we are struck by what a melancholic character he appears to be. His sadness only disappears when he is being rash, illustrated both by his impulsive choice to follow the Ghost and when Hamlet kills Polonius. These faults, however, seem less extreme when compared to his pride, which is indecisive on whether or not to kill Claudius. Although Hamlet’s tendencies towards melancholy make his life more difficult and his problems are heightened by his rashness, it is his indecisiveness which causes him the most emotional pain and self-hatred, because he cannot commit to avenging his father’s death. These traits reveal by Hamlet are the same character flaws that are common in many people, and which play a large part in their lives.

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...nce he gets lost in his thoughts this leads him to act rashly. Have you ever heard of the saying “misery loves company”? I think that it applies to this play; so many people were involved in this sad tale.

Overall, I believe Hamlet lost his mind being infatuated with revenge. The more time he spent thinking about it, the quicker he lost his sanity. His flaws caused his own defeat even thought he accomplish his goal, he lost more than just his life. Innocent people he cared about also fell pray to his madness. I must agree with SparkNotes Editors on what they find the symbols were. What they speak of does in fact make sense the ghost and the skull both refers to death. Lastly, I find my answer to what the central idea of this play was is correct. Revenge has only torn Hamlet apart his flaws exposed his weaknesses and driven him insane.