Hamlet Soliloquies Analysis

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Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most complex play. By integrating plot within another pot. It mostly surrounds the lives of the nobilities, and most of their conflicts. It also containing the nobilities of another country Denmark. Shakespeare uses soliloquies of Hamlet throughout the entirety play, this is because Shakespeare wants the audience to know the emotional break down Hamlet is having as a result of this father’s death and the plans on how to get revenge. Hamlet has seven soliloquies in the play that gives the audience a closer look has, to what is Hamlet feeling in different parts of the play. The seven soliloquies are the ones that drive the story forwards. Another thing that it does is that it gives a foreshadowing of what Hamlet…show more content…
Being furious about why his mother is marrying his uncle and how weak his own mother’s heart is. “Hamlet embraces his antic disposition the tone becomes more unstable” (Hithchings). Form the start the audience can imagine what would be the mental state of Hamlet, and what will deteriorate him throughout the whole play. “That the Everlasting had not fixed His canon 'gainst self-slaughter. O God, God” (Shakespeare, Act1, Scene2 line131-132). Hamlet wants to commit suicide, but his believing in god is one of the things that stop Hamlet from committing a sin according to Christianity. Shakespeare implemented this for the time period where Christianity is a great influence, which in the play suicide is more sinful than killing their own uncle. Also Hamlet has a deep attachment to his father because of how long he has grieving for…show more content…
Hamlet comes to realize that he has taken so long to take revenge upon his uncle. Also Hamlet asks himself why he is still alive. Which once again comes the attitude of Hamlet that wants to end his life because at this point has not kept the promise of killing the king. Here it comes, back with the suicide mentally. This has come back because he was not able to kill the king when he had the chance. At this point has only one option, to go back to Denmark and finish his promise he made to the ghost of his father. Equally important, that he crown that the people of Denmark is being worn by the old king’s murder. With this we cannot just get the revenge of his father, but also get justice for the people of Denmark for being lie

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