Hair Loss Treatment

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New hair loss treatment proves its effectiveness in treating baldness. Tricomin hair care products They are available for both men and women. This new hair loss treatment product treats thinning hair. It is available in four forms: A Revitalizing Shampoo, a Follicle therapy spray, a Conditioning Shampoo and a Restructuring Conditioner. Tricomin attempts to treat the hair loss problem from another point of view. It works by maintaining the structure of the hair follicle. As we know that, DHT is mainly responsible for the degradation of size, length and width of the follicles in both males’ and females. DHT must be treated at an early stage, else will become a permanent problem. The hormone DHT binds to the roots of hair follicles. This prevents the essential nutrients to be received by the hair follicles. Several important nutrients are compromised during the process. Their production may slow down or may stop completely. This is when, Tricomin becomes effective for treatment. It has been found that, the presence of copper inhibits the action of 5-Alpha Reductase. 5-Alpha Reductase is the enzyme, responsible for DHT formation in the body. Copper is helpful for the development of a healthy hair follicle. It helps in stimulating the development of the main ingredients that forms a healthy hair follicle. Hair grows in several phases. The hair follicle will be growing during certain periods of time, while at other periods it may remain dormant. This period is known as the resting phase. The substances such as collagen and other proteins at the base of hair follicle are actively produced in the growth phase. However, they are virtually inactive during the resting phase. Tricomin stimulates the production by del... ... middle of paper ... ...oduced in a test tube. After a period of 8 weeks, millions of dermal papilla cells develop. Then, they can be injected back into the scalp. They can grow into new hair follicles. The scariest part of this method of treatment is that, an average bald scalp requires approximately 1000 injections for establishing enough new hair follicles. Such injection penetrates up to 3mm into the skin and is done under local anesthetic. Follicular Cell transplantation: This is new hair loss treatment method. This method involves the surgical removal of the “sleeping” hair follicles from scalp. Then they are cultivated in vitro and transplanted back to the scalp. According to the research, this new hair loss treatment method is effective in 11 cases out of 19. Scientists claim that, this is going to be one of the most promising methods of treating hair loss.

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