Gun Restrictions: Employers' Right To Restrict Weapon

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With the rise in mass shootings, more Americans are choosing to obtain a permit for a concealed handgun. Unfortunately, most of these shootings are taking place in public buildings where people are banned from bringing their concealed weapons. If these types of bans do not stop criminals, then law-abiding citizens should not be denied the chance to protect themselves and others. There should not be any public building where a person that has legally obtained a concealed-carry permit can not be allowed to bring his or her weapon.
Most employers do not want handguns on their premises, not even in the parking areas. According to a recent WSJ article, “Guns in the Parking Lot: A Delicate Workplace Issue” (October 15, 2013), Starbucks CEO instructed their customers not to bring guns to the cafes, and they are not alone in this request. However, many feel the action of a private business to oppose public gun laws is questionable. There is a strong plea to ban weapons, not only in the workplace, but everywhere. However, employers’ right to restrict weapons is limited especially in states with pro-gun laws. Currently, there are 22 states with bring your gun to work laws. In these states, property owners cannot restrict a worker or visitor from carrying guns in vehicles in parking areas (Murray, 2013). The second amendment to the U.S constitution confers right to individuals to carry weapons in self defense. In a recent case, District of Columbia v. Heller, the United States Supreme Court on June 26, 2008 held that an individual has the right to possess firearm in self-defense. This was the Supreme Court’s first decision on interpretation of the second amendment since 1939 (Library of Congress, 2014). Evidently, those who carr...

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... defend them.

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