Gun Control: Something America Doesn't Need

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In America, we should not have gun control because it violates the Second Amendment, other countries find it unnecessary and sometimes counterproductive, and it is not entirely effective, with some negative effects. A debate over the issue has raged for years here in America, with high gun crime rates and far-too-frequent shootings. One side claims we need strict gun control, while the other says we don’t. Whichever side you fall onto, I’m here to tell you that I agree with the latter: America does not need gun control.
First of all, gun control is an obvious violation of the Second Amendment. As stated in the Bill of Rights, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Law-abiding Americans who are over age 18 have enjoyed the right to own weapons for over 200 years. Is it logical or realistic to take that right away from them now? No; it’s not. Besides, gun control is almost too controversial to consider. Any action taken, whether to control guns or not, will result in heavy opposition. While gun control is the most obvious method thought to reduce gun crime, the fact that we are so divided on the issue means that we should try a different method, such as controlling gun crime, not guns. Reducing gun violence in this way would be more agreeable to the general population than a violation of the Constitution, or an only partially-favored decision by the government on this contentious issue.
A second argument against gun control is that it is often unnecessary. Take Canada, for instance. Our northern neighbors have high gun ownership, like us, but low gun crime rates. Another similarity: neither we nor they have overly strict gun control. This shows that murder rates do not correlate with...

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