Gun Control Debate Essay

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Gun Control Debate: Supporting Gun Control On the morning of December 14, 2012 at approximately 9:30 am, tragedy broke in the small town school of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut. The lives of 27 innocent people were taken. The gunman Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 schoolchildren, 6 adult staff members and his own mother’s before turning the gun on himself. This incident has since been branded the second deadliest mass shooting, next to the 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre. The tragedy ignited a very controversial debate about the regulation of guns more known as gun control. The argument of gun control circles around the impact of passing laws to regulate the sales and possession of firearms. Gun advocates argue that the passing of gun control laws will be a violation of their second amendment rights, which protects the rights of an individual to keep and bear arms. Those supporting gun control are in favor for the instituting of policies that make the sales and possession of firearms even stricter, perhaps the ultimate banning of guns. Should we wait for horrific tragedies to pressure lawmakers to pass gun control laws or should they be already be enforced to protect the people and make society safer? Gun control laws need to be enforced on the account that guns are becoming more and more accessible; it will ensure the safety of our citizens and will perhaps decrease gun violence. A major problem among the gun society is that the accessibility of guns has become very easy to obtain. In New Mexico, a 12 year old boy, brought a shotgun to school and shot two of his classmates (Johnson). One may ask how a 12 year old gets a hold of a shotgun. Simple, his family enjoys hunting, so he had access to the gun (Milligan). ... ... middle of paper ... ..., ultimately lead to a decrease gun related crimes. In 1982, Chicago banned handguns, and the murder rate had continually begun falling for after almost a decade (Washington Times). Banning guns and putting restrictions on gun ownership will help prevent a great many murders (Milligan). What we need is a society where are citizens can be safe. How many lives of children can we save? How many families can we protect? Would you want a family member to be taken away from you as a result of neglecting gun control? To prevent this from happening the banning of guns is a necessary measurement that needs to be taken. Think of all the lives that can be saved by preventing another ‘law-abiding’ citizen to purchase a gun or get a hold of a gun , simply by supporting gun control this can be achieved. As Americans would you want to live unfree and safe or free and unsafe?
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