Growing Up In A Mexican-American Family: Growing Up In Mexican American Culture

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Growing up in a marginalized minority is a difficult task because there are a lot of differences between cultures. In the Mexican American culture, family is crucial, this is where one comes when one needs someone to talk to. In my experience, I had was raised being stuck in the middle of two different cultures I had to know what my identity was through, family, school, and through my travels. Growing up, in a Mexican-American home, one of the first things that my siblings and I learned from home and social gatherings was that family is crucial. At family reunions, we would catch up with cousins that we did not get a chance to see in several months sometimes years. Most of my cousins are around my age, which made family reunions even better. Now, that most of us in the extended family have graduated high school, some began to go get a higher education, and …show more content…

Through social media, we get to see what everyone is doing on daily basis. Compared to our parent’s young years, rather than sending letters via mail, social media has made it easier to communicate with family members throughout the country. In addition, growing up there was a lot of confusion as what my identity was regarding nationality. The problem that many Mexican Americans go through is that some of us do not know what nationality we belong to. For me, the problem with my sense of identity regarding nationality or group began in middle school particularly in the 8th grade. There is a saying among many Mexican Americans in the United States, no soy de aquí ni de alla, meaning I am not from here, or from there. This means that most Mexican Americans are stuck in the middle of both cultures. Per White Americans we are not American enough because we are able to speak another language and have different customs. Now, to some Mexican

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