Greek Religion

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Greek mythology, are stories that talk about Gods, heroes, and rituals. These stories hold a great deal of fiction, which are more notable for the Greeks. Though, Greek myth was fictional, many believed them as true accounts. Greek mythology had a great deal of impact on the arts and literature of the Western civilization. Poets and artists used them to show inspiration and themes. Hero myths used components of tradition, folktale and fiction to write. In the following paragraphs I will be talking about two of the most notable heroes; Heracles and Achilles. Heracles was the greatest Greco-Roman legendary hero. The Romans called him Hercules. He was the son of the God Zeus and the mortal Alcmene. Zeus said that his next son born in the Perseid house will become king of Greece. However, Hera (Zeus's jealous wife) tricks him and Eurystheus was born first instead of Heracles. Eurystheus ended up King and Heracles had to serve him. Later on, Heracles went to war against the kingdom of Orchomenus in Boeotia and married Megara. Heracles ended up murdering his wife...

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