Great Gatsby Movies

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Two movies, one made in 1974 and one in 2013 are the most famous adaptations of the book The Great Gatsby. They are both similar, featuring memorable scenes like Myrtle’s and Gatsby’s parties. They are also different. The making of the 2013 movie is different because the technology now is extremely different from the technology in 1974. Special effects can drastically change the way a movie is made. The two movies, The Great Gatsby, are different in the format, the appearance of the characters, and the presentation of the book’s themes. The format of the movie is one of the most noticeable differences. Today many people have read the book. The general population would rather see what is happening than reading the book and imagining it themselves. The 2013 movie is formatted different because it has to explain everything for the audience. This movie has an extra scene at the beginning where Nick is shown at the Perkins Sanitarium. Nick Carraway is having his first consultation with his psychiatrist. The camera briefly displays a piece of paper that describes the symptoms that nick h...
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