Great Awakening Dbq

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A is incorrect because on page 112 of our textbook it gives examples of how the Great Awakening affected all 13 colonies. In New England, the Puritan ideology of worshiping being uniform became increasingly unpopular as more people sought a personal connection with God rather than a connection with God through a minster. In the Southern Colonies, many Baptists, Anglicans, and Presbyterians were expelled from the colonies as officials would jail people that expressed their new religious fervor in public for disturbing the peace. B is incorrect because it explains on page 122 of our book that many denominations were split between the "Old Light" traditionalists and "New Light" evangelicals who frequently had emotional outbursts during worship services. Puritans and their want for conformity while worshipping would be Old Light members, while Baptists participating in revivals would be New Light members. Some traveling ministers would tell congregations to "renounce "rationalist" ministers and become the agents of their own salvation..." This led to division among church members who disliked how their pastors taught and those who liked their pastor and wanted to keep their connection to God in his hands. One of the founders of Methodism published a book on the experiences of a traveling preacher,"The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God. Extracted from Mr. Edwards. "…show more content…
According to the Library of Congress, George Whitefield had a portable pulpit that he used to preach outside because churches were either too small to hold the throngs of people he attracted or refused to open their doors to him because the disagreed with his preachings. He is said to have preached over 2,000 sermons from Maine to Georgia from that pulpit. His first outdoor sermon attracted twenty to thirty thousand
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