Gothic Literature Essay

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Super natural appearances and effects, such as ghost’s and monsters are a part of all people’s deepest fears whether they want to admit it or not. The elements of Gothic literature tap into our need for the agony between what’s real and what’s fantasy. I even think that it releases and reflects our need to search for the identity of our inner Gothic. Now a days Gothic is looked at as a way people dress and being weird almost in a way of it being a disease in the brain. Gothics weren't always perceived in that way, it was a way that allowed people to express their true beliefs, desires and most importantly their inner fears. The genre of Gothics is much more than just a simple collection of horror stories, even if they do place a rather large emphasis on mystery and fear. The term Gothic originally used to describe both art, and architecture, it later spread into the world of literature and writings. They all had extreme emotion and dark, depressing themes and ideas. Though many people in our time may never fully appreciate what the Gothic era gave to us, or understand the dark themes they present I will. The Gothic era just like the many horror movies and books that I love so much the Gothics have a way of pulling a person like me completely into the story they are trying to provide to us as the reader. Gothic literature helps us to exercise our minds by making us dig deep and determine our own inner truths and fears. With this idea we need to learn to broaden our perspectives and to think critically of the piece, rather than basing our judgments off of just what it is that we are reading. The use of extreme and dramatic emotions in Gothic writings really makes us as the reader think about how the reading affects us on the insid... ... middle of paper ... ...King. Even as the years keep progressing and the horror genre sadly keeps progressing and moving from the great Gothics that came before it, no matter what there will always be that exponential influence from the Gothics and a standard that it will forever be held to. Gothic literature has had many different effects on the people, writers and even the way that it is perceived over the years. The great elements inside a Gothic story will never change or waiver, their will forever be that supernatural effect or idea, the different reverences to death and decay throughout it, and the underlying sense of suspense threw out the whole literary work and that overall dark tone to the story. Throughout time we as a country and a race have developed an even greater understanding of what Gothic literature was and why it has been deemed so important throughout literary history.
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