Freddie Fry-Highway Brides

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Freddie Fry-Highway Brides One of the cool things about writing for the Aquarian is that you get to hear a lot of really great music that doesn’t always surface within the commercial channels. New Jersey’s Freddie Fry fits right into that category with his unpretentious rock and roll sounds that might be more at home somewhere in Kentucky then down on the Jersey Shore. He isn’t plugged into the local hero squadron and prefers to roam deep within the Howard Hughes ghost-like realm. Even if you’ve bumped into Fry on the street, you probably wouldn’t recognize the man or the skill he brings to the table. While doing my research for this article, I had to resort to the Vulcan mind meld to get him to let loose with some anecdotes and stories to get his background into proper perspective for the reader. Freddie Fry is a walking encyclopedia of hard knocks, famous friends, and the good the bad, and the ugly that makes up this industry. He’s had the outrageous fortune to back legendary players such as Otis Rush and James Cotton while his live gigging alongside credits run the heavy gamut from Elvis Costello to B.B. King and A.C. Read. Fry is also known as the “go to guy” for guitar players, doing gear acquisition (he can find just about any guitar you want) and pre-production stints for Lenny Kravitz as well as working per diem with the illustrious Tom Petty as well as . In between hustling six strings, he still finds the time to cut his own sides (some of it on actual Beatles sound gear) with the likes of Charles Giordano (Bruce Springsteen, Hall and Oates,) Mike Daly from Whiskeytown and Andy Burton (Ian Hunter.) His latest release titled, Highway Brides demonstrates playing, singing and writing skills that fall square... ... middle of paper ... ...ecarious weight of Fry’s greasy resonator licks, the drums coming on sparse as Fry’s grungy old lines slide lazily into the bottom end bass of producer Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors) There is still almost a full albums worth of material I don’t have time to cover here, and with most tunes logging in a four or five minutes you’re looking at over an hour of substantial music on Highway Brides. But truth be told, Freddie Fry has some moves most kids on the scene don’t even know about. If you’re a songwriter, musician or aspiring rock star, take a moment to find this guy and talk to him. Take advantage of the experience that artists like this are willing to GIVE away for free from the mind of a guy that has lived the tall tales, surfed the waves of rock star status and turned it all into some top shelf American music. For more info head over to
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