Google Case Analysis

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As an innovative company like Google grows exponentially, they inevitably face serious obstacles and roadblocks that can stunt their growth and threaten their survival. The key to staying afloat and overcoming these various hurdles is to never stop being relevant. Creating a demand through relevance is what helped Google climb up the corporate ladder and become the giant that it is today. In 1998, Sergey Brin and Larry Page teamed up to revolutionize the online search model. Companies like Yahoo and Alta Vista had already developed search engines that were not very efficient at sorting out irrelevant information. Brin and Page wished to provide a better system for an improperly served market and went on to create a search engine that ranked information based on relevance. This new innovative system allowed for rapid and sudden expansion. As the company grew, so did their need for capital. By being so relevant and desirable, the company was able to attract investors that temporarily funded the business. The company was growing at a fast rate each day and it was clear that the compa...

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