Golden Age Hospital Case Study

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Golden Age Hospital (GAH) will seek to improve operating performance to increasing review of patient outcomes and satisfaction. The healthcare organization will thus base its operations on the core competences and functions to improve its financial outlook and service delivery. These core competencies include; designing and implementing patient-centered, economic value, the patient experience, safety, and clinically integrated models of care that optimize quality. Therefore, GAH, as parts of care systems, will have the capacity to integrate with healthcare providers as clinical and economic partners, to redesign and create the synergy for delivery systems.
The key goals and objectives for this core competence will include developing a collaborative
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This will be done amidst the focus to improve accountability, care coordination, and clinical performance despite the challenge of less revenue per patient. Therefore, the goal of this competence will be to increase visibility across the full episode of care to ensure that GAH reduces financial and clinical risks. Other goals and objectives for this core competency include communicating with patients in a shared and fully open manner and allowing patients to access their medical records information. GAH will also aim to offer trustworthy information to patients through the preferred communication…show more content…
To understand the expenses and resource use, GAH will aim to keep accurate financial and operational information, which would include cost accounting systems for clinical service lines. The major objective for this core competence will be to ensure that the healthcare organization will have the capability to analyze the operational information to reduce the drivers of unnecessary costs by embracing improvement methodologies, for instance, Lean Six Sigma and thus increase value and efficiency, improve productivity and reduce
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