Globalization Of Nursing: The Impact Of Globalization In Nursing

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My future career choice is nursing, which is a profession that has been immensely affected by globalization. Globalization is, by definition, the sharing of knowledge, technique, and application across the globe. Nursing is one of the more affected professions because of how important it is to have global standards for treating disease. Not only that, but it 's crucial to have an understanding of a patient 's cultural or religious beliefs before treating them, First of all, there 's an emotional level to the way that globalization has affected the nursing world. There are many programs, such as Red Cross, that require nurses to volunteer to go to different countries and help those in need for free. It is necessary for nurses to be involved on an emotional level because it helps them to better connect those they are…show more content…
Each of these programs are opportunities for nurses to volunteer across the world and help out in underprivileged nations. The opportunities presented in these programs include giving injections and doing blood work, helping spread AIDS awareness, and caring for the elderly. These are all great ways for nurses to learn and experience different cultures. In nursing, it is not just about being clinical and going by the book, it 's about doing what is best for the patient and making the patient comfortable. Another way that globalization can affect nursing is international nursing conferences. These conferences are a good way to standardize procedures. They are also a good opportunity to discuss procedures to be used in hypothetical events. It is very important for nurses to have standardized methods for treating diseases before the actual outbreak. For example, if we 'd had a standardized method of dealing with Ebola patients before the outbreak, the hysteria caused by it would have been

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