Global Warming: A Fashion Trend?

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Throughout the years, Diesel has promoted their brand through their innovative and typically outlandish advertising. Their unique and successful marketing techniques have helped them gain popularity. They have a reputation for the “ability to create fresh, radically rebellious, inspiring and sometimes nauseating ad campaigns that really set the brand apart from the pack” (Sauer). Their absurd ads have gone as far as encouraging smoking an obscene amount of cigarettes in a day in order to get that “sexy cough” or approving the drinking of urine in order to stay young (Copeland). Diesel’s ad in 2007 for their new clothing line depicts two models relaxing on top of a skyscraper surrounded by a flooded New York City. Diesel’s ad is effective in promoting their name through shocking photography which creates a strong emotional response and lasting impression. Diesel targets global warming, a hot topic social issue, as a way to promote their brand but does not actually support it. Diesel’s advertisement effectively captures the attention of the audience by the suggestive pose of the models. The models are placed in the center of the image and are the focus of the photo. The striking couple is wearing revealing clothing; the man’s shirt is unbuttoned and the woman’s short dress has a draping neck. The man has his head in the woman’s lap with her hand placed on his bare chest creating a strong feeling of sensuality. Seemingly unaware of the disaster that is below them, this image creates an aura of being above all and an air of arrogance. The fact that New York City is flooded does not seem to be on their minds, as they seem to have relaxed, nonchalant expressions. They are so enthralled with each other that their facial expressions ... ... middle of paper ... ...g event: as long as one is fashionable, one is above everything else. Diesel is borderline affronting people’s fears about global warming while promoting high fashion. This ad is memorable, regardless of the reaction to the theme, which can be deemed a sign of success. Their notable ad campaigns could seem offensive to some, but must be successful as Diesel “is present in over 80 countries with over 5,000 points of sale” and is rising in popularity (Diesel). This ad creates a shocking picture that captures the reader’s attention with a background that represents the end of life as we know it. It sends a message that Diesel clothing is above disasters such as global warming. Diesel uses the popular topic global warming as a way to advertise the new clothing line in a more interesting and appealing way. The ad is brilliantly effective in promoting the Diesel brand.

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