Global Threat Assessment

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I. Introduction The United States is in an era where technology is advancing at a quicker pace than the education of society and its users can understand. This is a problem because the economic woes and critical infrastructures are included in every aspect of this fast paced evolution of technology. Threat topics will be discussed using multiple sources from the Internet and online library. An additional main source will be pulled directly from reports from the Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper. Discussions will Start with what a threat is and how a threat is assigned into categories; then moving to a discussion about the global threat landscape and which areas are critical to the United States shall be talked about along with what is necessary for the United States to keep up with the rapid pace of growth. At the top of the U.S. intelligence community’s 2013 assessment of global threats is cyber, followed by terrorism and transnational organized crime, weapons of mass destruction proliferation, counterintelligence and space activities, insecurity and competition for natural resources, health and pandemic threats, and mass atrocities (" News Article: Cyber Tops Intel Community’s 2013 Global Threat Assessment", n.d., p. xx-xx). Another topic that shall be discussed is critical infrastructure requirements and how cyber security is an important aspect in the planning and maintenance. Further discussion will identify what state and non-state actors are and which state and non-state actors threaten the United States. With this information, a conclusion on how these global threats affect how the policy makers try to defend the United States from these types of global threats. II. Whic... ... middle of paper ... ...forcement, and Federal Protective Service. Policy makers are responsible for performing a never ending task of adapting to the global threats and how they pertain to critical infrastructure in the United States. Works Cited 2013 Global Threat Intelligence | Solutionary Press Release. (n.d.). Retrieved from News Article: Cyber Tops Intel Community?s 2013 Global Threat Assessment. (n.d.). Retrieved from Top 7 developments in the global threat landscape - (n.d.). Retrieved from USA Patriot Act of 2001. (2001, Oct. 26). Retrieved from
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