Global Poverty and Global Politics

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Global poverty is assessment as the state of individual having scarcity of material possessions, or capital. Poverty or hardships refer to the lack of human basic needs, which involves food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, health care and education. However, we must come too accepting why is quarter of the world’s nations are poorer. What is the reason for such behavior? How can we approach these problems affecting these unfortunate nations? You might be wondering how can a world with wealth and lot of resources to help humans, but yet many nations live in endless poverty.
Should we come to understanding that the poor will always be a part of the human race, or will we ever find salutations to put an end to poverty? However, the 21st century statistic says otherwise. Approximately 40% individuals of the world 6.5billions live in poverty. According to the World Bank most of them are living off two dollar per day or less. Moreover, about 1 billion people actually living on a dollar a day budget. These are people living in desperate poverty. Furthermore, these people have limited or no access to clean water, medical care, and education system; have little hope of life improvement. Imagine living on less than the cost for a coffee at a Starbucks cafe. You might not be able to paint a picture of that, but in reality many people around the world have to go through this struggle daily. Hunger is standard and plays large portions of your time consuming around the world. Imagine waking up knowing you have nothing to eat, or drink. People in poorer countries spend hours trying to get water to drink and fuel for cooking and heating. On the other hand, they also do hard brutal physical work; which majority of the time they receive...

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...irth rates. Education also helps in promoting democracy and constancy. It creates a public that can contribute more efficiently in decisions making and holding its governments responsible.
In closing the American dream has an impact upon poverty. The American Dream proposes that each individual consume the likelihood of success through hard labor. This statement indicates that poor people are lazy; meanwhile the American Dream is only possible through determination. The American Dream also encourages that everybody has the potential to obligate an effective and happy life. One concern with the American Dream is that it does not match reality since it is more of an ideology. The American Dream is nothing more than a acceptance that explains and validates some sort of social arrangement, in this case America’s social class hierarchy (Ferris &ump; Stein, 2008, 2010).
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