Global Inequalities

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I found the book Global Inequalities quite interesting as well as being very informative. I enjoyed reading this book because unlike many other texts it was not very “cut and dry”, rather it was easy to read and Bradshaw and Wallace did a good job illustrating major points. This made the book easy to read because it did not require me to re-read many passages to understand the ideas presented. Prior to reading this book, I did not have too much knowledge about world events that have occurred in the past. I learned a great deal about international events, it also clarified many ideas that I had previously learned but was not too sure about the details. I found it extremely interesting learning about all of the different cultures and lifestyles that many countries enjoy around the world. I only have one complaint about the book; it is that the book is not very up-to-date. Many of the ideas pointed illustrated by Bradshaw and Wallace is out dated. In fact a couple of the ideas that are talked about have changed over time or even been solved since the book went to print, however even though some of the ideas are out dated many are still very interesting to read about. In general I thought that Bradshaw and Wallace did an excellent job composing a book that clearly illustrates many of the cultures including ours and the problems facing them over time. Throughout the book Bradshaw and Wallace have presented many ideas that illustrate several inequalities throughout the world. There were three major points that I felt were the most important to my overall understanding of how cultures greatly differ from each other and the global inequalities around the world. In my opinion these ideas were important because they explain many of the problems that both developing and developed countries face on a daily basis. They were colonization, the Modernization Theory and World Systems Theory and the section about Baseball in Asia. Although Bradshaw and Wallace have presented many ideas and issues, I felt that these easily explained some main reasons as to why global inequalities transpire. The first point that I felt was significant was the theory of colonization. Colonization was how many underdeveloped countries were formed; this also led to many problems in those respective countries. Colonization caused many ... ... middle of paper ... ...ican’s have definitely seen plenty of fights, arguments, and off-field problems. In Japan this stuff would most likely never occur. Another major difference between Japanese baseball and American baseball is the fact that in Japan there is such a thing as a tie, however not in the U.S. In the United States a baseball game would not end until there was no longer a tie, no matter how long it took. In Japan the game will go no longer than four hours or twelve innings. These are some very big differences between our “American Pastime” and Japanese baseball. These are all ideas the Bradshaw and Wallace clearly illustrate as being “Global Inequalities”. Throughout this book, Bradshaw and Wallace really helped me grasp more of an understanding about how much the world differs going from one culture to another. Being an athlete myself, the section about how much baseball differs from the U.S. to Japan really pointed out how the differences are extensive. The first two issues have led to many countries becoming underdeveloped. All of these issues are very important and are a learning process for all societies that wish to become a success in the near future.
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