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Gillette Company Overview Introduction: On Gillette’s 25th anniversary, back in 1926 King C. Gillette announced what was to release the companies’ flag ship product, the world’s first safety razor. "There is no other article for individual use so universally known or widely distributed.” This product is still a world leader but has been accompanied by many other Gillette products that have quickly become established as market leaders across every field they enter. “The Gillette Company today is the global market leader in nearly a dozen major consumer products categories, principally in the grooming, alkaline battery and oral care businesses.” In over 100 years of business, Gillette has gained control of the market and constantly strengthened its position, via managing the company with a long term and global perspective. As a result Gillette has generated long-term profitable growth in a changing globalisation; this is due to several strengths within the business. Gillette are constantly collecting huge amounts of scientific knowledge, which enables them to create innovative products which are produced and distributed on a high scale ensuring that many people are constantly exposed to their products day in, day out. They also manage to do this efficiently and cost effectively which can only lead to positive results for the company. Gillette work on creating innovative products to be sold at a fair price, this is yet another of Gillette’s strengths, its ability to gain a consumer loyalty to their brand on a world wide stage. Quality marketing strategies when combined with a quality product have driven Gillette towards their goals. “It is a goal pursued in global businesses that are large and healthy, with tremendous potential derived from normal market development, as well as from growth stimulated by new products.” Gillette has become the market leader in the grooming industry. “The Company has the scientific knowledge to create, and the technical ability to develop and produce, hair removal products that deliver a superior shave, whether wet or dry, whether for men or women.” The company compliments its huge grooming range with other well established products such as anti perspirant and deodorants. Below is an excerpt taken from the Gillette web site which signals their intent to be and stay as the ... ... middle of paper ... ...e interacting could be asked for their details and for permission. It is stated by Chaffey (2004) that “opt in email is key to successful marketing.” If the person has “opted in” to receive mail it is far more likely that they will read and engage with your email. This again would improve response rates. Sending direct mail also has a very quick response time due to the regularity with which people can check their mail. If Gillette were to use direct mail in their marketing strategy they could be virtually guaranteed to cut costs, improve responsiveness and save valuable company time whilst also gaining a higher level of exposure in their campaigns. Bibliography * * Rick E. Brunes Gillette wins shavers 1:1 at a time 15thy Feb 2003 * Gillette goes live with mySAP March 14th 2001 Walldorf, Germany * Data warehouse designer July 18th 2003 RFID tags and smart dust Ralph Kimbell * Interview with Gillette’s Chris Desrosiers Feb 04 2002 Venus Razor Article * *

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