Genetically Modified Organisms

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Did you know that Genetically Modified Organisms are found in sixty to eighty percent of processed foods and that the United States Food and Drug Administration does not test any of these foods beforehand to see if they are safe to consume? (Wohlers 73). Genetically Modified Organisms are defined as organisms whose DNA has been changed in a way that would not naturally occur. The purpose of developing these genetically modified organisms was to improve produce by creating an increased tolerance to disease. While it is great to want to keep diseases out of our foods, the science of altering our food has no guarantees that it will actually protect against disease and has the potential to actually damage our bodies, environment, and economy. There are sixty-two major countries that require genetically modified foods to be labeled, unfortunately the United States is not one of them (Wohlers 73). Most of these countries have deemed that genetically modified organisms have a much higher risk than benefit, because something could so easily go wrong, such as an allergic reaction to whatever was pumped into the food. Luckily, Americans have begun to be more conscious of what they are eating and how it negatively affects their bodies and economy. Therefore, a debate has been sparked on whether genetically modified organisms should be required to be labeled as such when you purchase food.
There are many negative consequences of allowing genetically modified organisms in our food, the most obvious ones having to deal with the harm it can cause to your body. Allowing genetically modified organisms into your food can allow for toxins to be added to your food. For example, workers in Washington sprayed to protect against gypsy moths and as a r...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that genetically modified organisms are found in sixty to eighty percent of processed foods and that the united states food and drug administration does not test any of these foods beforehand.
  • Explains the negative effects of genetically modified organisms on the body, such as toxins being added to food.
  • Explains that consumer surveys and experiments reveal and conceal consumer preferences for genetically modified foods.
  • Cites smith, j., institute for responsible technology, and wohlers, a. e.
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