Genetic Engineering Ethical Essay

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Think of a world where children are born healthy, without risk of disease. Where one’s quality of life can be improved with a simple surgery. Sound interesting? Though many Americans today have an opinion on gene manipulation, less than 10% of the population has an adequate knowledge and understanding of all the benefits and controversies of the technology (Funk). Many advancements are being made in the field of gene engineering, with parents yearning for the chance of one day possibly being able to give their children a better life. Lifespans are being elongated, deadly diseases are being eliminated, and more people are becoming interested in the technology. Genetic engineering should be viewed as ethical when dealing with deadly diseases or the improvement of one's physical well-being. It is true, of course, that scientists and religious …show more content…

Even if just for one child, the chance for a better life should always be held to an acme over another’s personal views. Scientists have created technology with the astounding ability to modify genetic codes, and it should not go to waste. The discoveries are sparking interest all over the world, with parents, scientists, and children alike yearning to explore more of the possibilities. With this new technology comes questions regarding the ethicality of doing tests on our own kind, but it should not be overlooked that it has already benefited hundreds of lives, and can even be used in the future to expand lifespans and eradicate many gene-related diseases in the future. Human beings, as a species, fear the unknown. The advancements being made in technology will bring about new possibilities that will change the way humans view themselves. Change is a constant, and while the people of this generation may not be comfortable with it, those in the future will be grateful for the work

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