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Tele2 General Terms and Conditions for Customers Article 1 General provisions 1.1. These General Terms and Conditions, Tele2 doo ("Terms") regulate the relations between Tele2 d.o.o from Zagreb, Vukovarska ulica 269/d ("Tele2") as a provider of public communication services using radio frequency spectrum for public mobile communications network, for which Tele2 has been granted a concession or other authorization in accordance with applicable regulations ("Tele2 network), and the applicant for the establishment of a post-paid and pre-paid user account (hereinafter referred to collectively as „Customers“). All relations between Tele2 and the Customers which are not specifically regulated by these General Terms and Conditions will be regulated using all applicable and currently valid legislation of the Republic of Croatia. 1.2. These General Terms and Conditions together with the application form for the establishment of customer account for the use of Tele2 services ("Application"), which is attached to these General Terms and Conditions, constitute the Customer Agreement. 1.3. Within these General Terms and Conditions, certain terms have the following meaning: Tele2 Services: all commercial public communication services provided by Tele2 to natural persons or legal entities. Customer: the applicant for the establishment of a customer account, or any legal entity or natural person who has entered into a customer agreement with Tele2 in order to use Tele 2 services in the Tele2 network. For purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, in order to regulate certain issues, a Tele2 Pre-paid user will also be defined as a Customer. Pre-paid user: a user of GSM telephone communication service provided by Tele2... ... middle of paper ... ... the expiration date of the pre-paid account, the Pre-paid user can renew the Tele2 pre-paid account with a voucher in the next 180 days. After the expiration of that period, the Tele2 pre-paid account, the SIM card and the Customer's number will be deactivated, about which Tele 2 will inform the Pre-paid user several days before the expiration of the extended period of the cash voucher validity. 3.2. In the event of expiration of a voucher or termination of Customer Agreement, Pre-paid users are entitled to a refund or compensation for the unused amount in their user account. 3.3. In case of the termination of Customer Agreement, if a Pre-paid user requests a refund or compensation for the unused amount, the Pre-paid user is required to present a bill for the purchase of the voucher, the SIM card, the PUK number, the voucher and an identification document.

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