Gender Stereotyping is Diminishing in Today's Society

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In a society, today, people stereotype to generalize certain groups; such as religion, beliefs, or even discriminating groups of people because of their race, gender, or appearance. When the stereotype occurs between men and women, they are called gender stereotype. According to Beere (1990), gender stereotypes are described as “perceptions of persons, objects, activities, or concepts that are based on relatively rigid, oversimplified, and over-generalized beliefs or assumptions regarding that characteristics or males and females." (p. 221). It means that people have acquired some views that are specific to men and women; gender stereotypes are emphasized by parents, cultures and the media such as animation movies and advertisements. However, oftentimes these stereotypes can be unfair, harmful, positive and negative for the people because they rarely communicate accurate information about others. Therefore, when people automatically apply gender assumptions to others regardless of the evidence to the contrary, they are perpetuating gender stereotyping (Gender Stereotypes, 2013). For example, in my Sex and Gender class, I have learned that men are not nurturing, aggressive, they tend to do better in mathematics and sciences, and most of the lawyers, engineers and doctors are men. I have also learned that females are nurturing, emotional, take care of household and children, and they like to pursue careers in nursing and arts. Although, if males and females try to violate their expected gender stereotypes, they might face consequences, but these consequences are more prevalent for women.

Despite the fact of strong gender stereotypes, I think that as our world is becoming advance every day, the concept of gender stereotypes is gradu...

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...y hopes that more women will enroll in flight school, and they will help fight against sexist attitudes. She said that women in male –dominated fields have been told that it is not for women, and they cannot do it, and she hopes that one day that one that mindset will change (Wells, 2014).

Furthermore, in my perspective, it has always been hard for women to enter in male-dominated professions and even they successful enter in these professions, it is very hard for them to adjust because some of the negative gender stereotypes. I personally think what Steacy did was very brave in the sense that she did not let it pass; instead she took a stand and defended herself by getting support from many people. I think that if every woman in Canada take a stand for any unacceptable actions as Steacy did, I hope that our historically gender stereotype concept will diminish soon.

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