Gender Roles Within African Society

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What it mean to be young and female in Nigeria? “It was angry very angry! But in addition to being angry I was also hopeful’. Gender matters every day in the world, We do boys a great injustice in how we raise them, we stifle the humanity of boys… we teach boys to be afraid of fear….The Adiche(2012). Adiche in the video articulated her desire for egalitarianism within African society because of the variances in the experiences of herself as a female and that of her male counterparts. Adiche like many other feminist analyses the effects of these socially constructed roles of gender both for males and females how they negatively affects especially the female on different levels. Adiche speak of feminism, Patriarchy, African Feminism, Male Privileges, the dichotomy of the gender roles and experiences of male and females which is constructed by Patriarchy. What is patriarchy Ray, defines Patriarchy simply as rule of a father from in a male dominated family, she further explains that Patriarchy is a socially contrasted ideological, construct that explains that men are patriarchs are superior to women. Interestingly the Merriam- Webster dictionary’s meaning theorized Patriarchy to be a social organization Marked by the supremacy of the father in a clan, family, and the legal dependence of wife and children, and a control by men at a disproportionately large share of the power. Gender" refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women "Sex" refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women (WHO) Hooks(………) in her definition points out that it involves the gendered roles given to boys and guided to ... ... middle of paper ... ...uch as social class, color, race and even geographic location. Likewise the Caribbean idea of feminism has become a challenge because like Nigeria people were of the impression that such a movement was developed around breaking the norms of motherhood, family and the idea of being wives. Feminist intent is towards empowering women to achieve political, economic and personal independence subsequently allowing females to negotiate their place and choices in all aspects of their lives. The women did agree however that the opportunities for independent income earning had allowed them to question family restrictions, postpone marriage and children, contest male violence and acquire a new-found sense of self (Mehta,2004:104).
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