Gender Roles In The Film Mulan

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The Different Gender Roles in the Film Mulan
Mulan is a film that illustrates the Chinese legend “Hua Mulan” which tales the story of a legendary women warrior. This legend is based in China’s traditional culture values. The alternation of gender roles was considerate a violation of those values; thus, whoever presents that behavior would be killed as a punishment. The main character, Mulan, represents women with a modern personality that shows masculinity. The fact that Mulan tried to perform a male’s actions is very significant due to the historical context, which illustrates the different roles between men and women. The film Mulan shows that women should follow gender stereotypes and play their respective role. It also shows the learning …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the film mulan illustrates the chinese legend of a legendary women warrior. the film shows that women should follow gender stereotypes and play their respective roles.
  • Analyzes how mulan represents a goofy personality and free spirit who marked differences within her community. she was pressured by the idea of dishonoring her family.
  • Analyzes how gender identity can be learn and is malleable since it is based on an idea rather than personality. ping became the strongest men in the army because of mulan's success playing this gender role.
  • Analyzes how gender inequality is one of the most eminent points in the movie.
  • Analyzes how mulan illustrates the differences between women and men. gender stereotypes, identity, and inequality were three of the most eminent aspects.

Mulan represents a goofy personality with a free spirit who marked a difference within the other women on her community; women were expected to be modest, elegant, and quiet in order to become the perfect daughter. This is a clean example of how nowadays everybody is expected to follow stereotypes built by our society which defines whether a positive or negative behavior is. If a person does not follow this gender role, it will generate certain consequences. In Mulan’s case, she was not accepted by the community and her family was worry about her tomboyish behavior; also, her father constantly prayed for her to impress the community and find a partner. When Mulan performed the “Matchmaking” session which consist in several etiquette tasks to prove that she is ready to be married, she was mostly pressure by the idea of dishonoring her family. Linking this to our societies gender idea, we can realized and learn that such behavior it’s acted out to fulfill our family and society expectation. If such action it’s performed, we will be approved by society which follows with a feeling of belonging. However, this is not common in the U.S. were most individual feels the freedom to determinate which behaviors to follow, yet some families and cultures perform such pressure on their integrands. Mulan chooses to follow her gender role, but fails due to the fact that it is not in her nature. In addition, she does not know herself anymore because of all the actions she is forced to do in order to reach her family and community expectations. In the modern world, women are constantly pressure by beauty standards that generate insecurity and change them to the point they do not recognize themselves. Women, as Mulan, are always living in conflict with their personality because they are constantly thinking how they should act, look, and how to make their closes persons

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