Peter Pan Film Analysis

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Once Upon a Time is a television series aired on ABC, a company owned by Disney’s conglomerate. With this said, it is important to acknowledge Disney’s own adaptation of Disney characters into a series. Once Upon a Time mentions various Disney characters; however, for the purpose of this assignment I will focus on three characters and their origination, to analyze and contrast to this adaptation. The characters to be analyzed are Peter Pan, Belle, and Mulan. While analyzing these characters, we’ll visualize how each character’s personality changes, as the medium of adaptation changes. In the television series there is not only a change in character, but there is a change in setting, garments, language, tone, and a target audience. During this…show more content…
M Barrie in 1911. Peter Pan is the protagonist in Barrie’s fiction novel. To explain Peter Pan’s life in the novel, let’s begin with the setting known as Neverland which is where Peter Pan lived. In Neverland, kids who never want to grow up live there, and Peter Pan as well as a group of kids known as the “lost boys” lived there happily. That being said, we will derive some characteristics Barrie illustrates in his original text to describe Peter Pan. Peter Pan is portrayed as a young boy, according to Barrie’s text, Peter Pan replies to Wendy’s question regarding his age as “I don’t know… I’m quite young… I ran away the day I was born” (Barrie, Chapter 3), therefore it can be assumed Peter Pan is a young boy, with no parents in Neverland. Peter’s intention is to never grow up and have fun. In Neverland, Peter is the captain of the lost boys, and they only look forward to having a great time together in the forests of Neverland. Peter’s description by Barrie implies that he is nice and an innocent young child that does not believe in aging or becoming an adult. Thus he encourages other young children to pertain a childhood perception. The author gives the audience enough detail about Peter’s character and ideology, although, the author does not mention much physical composition. This is to give the reader the liberty to picture Peter Pan’s physical persona in our imagination, therefore letting our imagination create…show more content…
In Once Upon a Time, Peter Pan is integrated into the plot. Peter’s background story and character is impersonalized in this television series. Peter’s character maintains some origination although, there is a shift from the Disney film and novel to the new series. In this adaptation, Peter Pan is connected to other Disney characters. Peter Pan is still the young boy who does not want to grow up, but in the series he is also characterized as the father of Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin is the man who weaves straw into gold in another Disney film called Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin is denoted as the “dark one” in Storybrooke, where the adaptation takes place. Additionally, there are other settings in which the series takes place, for instance all kingdoms of the princesses illustrated in the series are also the setting. In this case, the setting of the story is maintained in Neverland, but the plot shifts from Barrie’s plot. In the series, Peter Pan is in search of the truest believer of magic to gain power and he finds it in Henry, Emma and Regina’s son. Peter’s character is portrayed as a good character in the first scenes, even though, it is just an appearance, and he then turns into the antagonist in the plot. As a result, fluctuating Peter’s character role from a protagonist to a protagonist to an antagonist. Changing the
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