Gender Representation Of Gender In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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1414 words

The novel "Things Fall Apart" was set in the southeastern part of Nigeria where most Igbo’s live. I remember when I first saw the Novel "Things fall apart." I read the plot summary a sentence which, mislead me was "it is the story of a "strong" man whose life is dominated by fear and anger." I concluded this story is just going to be about a man who was like the James bond of his town. I read the content of the book and found out I was totally wrong. The author gave full insight to the readers which helps to unravel the culture of the Igbo’s and how the land of Umuofia was during the anti colonial era. The book focus on so many things but the main things are Gender,Culture and Religion. I always wanted to know what inspired Chinua Achebe …show more content…

I read this article "Reading as a woman:Chinua Achebe 's things fall apart and feminist critics”by Linda strong - leek she wrote " consequently, Achebe 's main character, Okonkwo emerges early in the text as a traditional hero, who has within himself the ability to languish or attain his goals." People always have it behind their mind Okonkwo’s story is what is being told I 'm the novel and the story started and ended with Okonkwo. Therefore, Okonkwo is the hero of his own story. I have failed to see Okonkwo as the hero and the unbalance representation of both gender by the author. I have always seen the women presented in this novel as the hero of the play. One thing I was able to understand was that the author wanted people to see gender representation according to the indigenous societal structure. He wanted people to see this was how gender was represented in the society it wasn 't just about the stereotypical man as the …show more content…

They had a vibrant culture which brought the people together like weddings, festivals,and storytelling. The author gave the reader a sense of how the culture of the igbo people.They had their culture y going for years untill the colonial master 's came this lead to a change for them and things started to fall apart. There was a clash of culture and this clash made Children abandon their culture and their community which they grew in to join a community that was filled with promise of change and suffocation they felt with their culture and tradition. Okonkwo son Nwoye for the first time went against his fathers wish and felt free again after his brother from another mother was killed. The killing of babies and throwing them into the evil forest also stop.. The elders called the missionaries "fool 's"While the missionaries judged them and became the judge over them by building a court district. This also lead to downfall of Okonkwo he wanted to keep his tradition going and bring his community back but he felt like a looser. He was also scared of loosening his title therefore he concluded he was going to die like an unknown weak person like his father. This reminded me of when We were discussing the book in class this question came to my mind did the "disintegration" of the society lead to the chaos of what happened in the society? In high when my

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how okonkwo emerges early in the text as a traditional hero, who has within himself the ability to languish or attain his goals.
  • Analyzes how the society was based on a "patriarchal" system where men had the supreme power, while women had less power and little or no involvement in politics.
  • Analyzes how the igbo people of umuofia valued culture and religion. they had a vibrant culture that brought people together like weddings, festivals, and storytelling.
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