Gender Dysphoria

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According to the textbook, the term Gender Dysphoria means “biological sex and gender identity do not match, thus leading to distress and impairment” (Chapter 8, pg.279). The textbook also discusses how “children with Gender Dysphoria is apparent in repeated statements that the child wants to be the opposite sex or is the opposite sex; cross-dressing in clothing stereotypical of the other sex and how the child has persistent fantasies of being the opposite sex such as; pretend play or activities associated with the opposite sex” (Chapter 8, pg. 279). However; the textbook also mentions how “people with gender dysphoria have persisted discomfort with their own sex” (Chapter 8, pg. 279).
Furthermore, the textbook mentions “ how within young children
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As stated above, “Gender Dysphoria often leads to distress and impairment” (Chapter 8, pg. 279). In my opinion, this little boy who calls himself “the Princess Boy” does not appear to have any signs of distress or impairment. However; there needs to be more evidence in order to prove if the little boy shows any signs of distress. For example: How are the little boy’s grades? Are the little boy’s surroundings such as friends or people around him accepting this type of behavior? How is the family home environment towards this type of behavior of his? As the little boy gets older, the little boy may or may not grow out of this type of behavior. However, as the little boy gets older he may show signs of distress if his surroundings are not accepting as they were when he was younger. After watch the video, it appears that his family is accepting this type of behavior. It also appears that the little boy is happy with his interests in girl related items and clothing.
In my opinion, I think it is common for children to act out of the norms at times. For example; one of my friends has a little boy that likes to put on his mom’s shoes for fun at times. Like the little boy in the video, my friend’s son is happy and healthy showing no signs of distress. Yes, it is abnormal behavior but in my opinion I don’t think that this type of behavior doesn’t appear to cause any distress. However; this type of
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