Gender Differences Between Gender And Gender

Society and genders are known to society but they really don't know the difference between each other. The terms don't really mean anything unless you first understand men and women. The relationship between men and women are different than between each gender. There is always been the relationship that males are always dominant and females week. The term 'sex' and 'gender' are concepts that researcher go to make the difference between male and female.
Sex is the biological difference between male and female. The genital are difference between a boy a girl. It been argued that having been born into one sex or another. Females are taught to learn to do female roles and ways. At birth your are born as your sex but you are not the sex you are until you learn what you are suppose to do. Society makes the difference between boy and girls through the gender constructions. The biological meaning and the definition of sex is an important source to explain the point to difference in sex. Each person has one sex /one gender. sometimes sex means sexuality or physiology. When infants are cat...
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