Gender And Gender Within The World Of Science

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Gendered brain studies often fail to distinguish between sex and gender by overemphasizing the body’s role in determining gender, most likely due to its primary role in developing the appearance of the human reproductive organs. Throughout my investigation into this failure to separate gender and sex, I found that only recently have scientists begun to distinguish between these two facets of identity by looking into the possibility of genders other than male and female within the human brain. The recency of these research questions is related to the recency with which transgendered individuals have become recognized and are the center of a new controversial debate in the world of science: is there really a ‘male’ and a ‘female’ brain? Of course, the delay with which this question made its way onto the palette of popular research topics is partially due to the indoctrination of a binary gender system within our society that is based on sex traits and is reinforced by socially constructed notions of what should be masculine and feminine. Within this system that still currently reigns as the dominant notion of gender identities, there is no space for talk or support for non binary and transgender individuals. Thus, gendered brain studies in which the researchers did not account for their personal biases in interpreting gender tend to formulate their research question, carry out experimental methods and present of their final results in a way that reinforces the gender binary system in our society. These studies end up indirectly contributing to a system of power that invalidates and dismisses non binary and gender nonconforming gender identities by subscribing to a scientific construction of gender that equates gender to biological s... ... middle of paper ... ...s about the reality of gender identity in human beings. This simply proves detrimental to the efforts and identities of non binary and gender nonconforming individuals in this kind of a society. Many scientists have turned to modelling their research questions around feminist values to become aware of the social biases that may inform their research. While the study of gendered brain research currently tends to propagate damaging ideas about gender as a product of human nature, in research questions, experimental methods, presentation or sometimes all three, there are feminist thinkers with ideas in place on how scientists can utilize and recognize their biases. Conducting science by recognizing and perhaps even utilizing our biases is one way science can actually help emphasize gender as a social construct thus normalize genderless brains and individuals in society.
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