Gender And Gender Roles In Today's Society

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In our current culture, men and women are placed in this stereotype of behaving in a certain way. Assumptions and social knowledge of how men and women should live becomes a key factor in the debate of how they pursue a certain lifestyle. Women are categorize as being unable to take on certain roles and placed in this passive and submissive role while men are portrayed by the society as being dominant, tough and in control. These gender roles are based on norms or standards, created by society. As a consequence, these traditional gender roles has manipulated the way society perceives gender and their roles they play. The aspiration to be identify as a man or woman in today’s society is symbolic. Parents, standard norms, culture and social media has a huge influence on how the different gender roles are being labelled in today’s culture. . Children have a socialization…show more content…
They are confined to certain norms that are given certain reasonable explanation as to why they should behave as told. To be more specific, every society has their own way of viewing the world irrespective of how other see theirs. Repeated socialization over time leads men and women into a utopia that they are acting naturally, rather than following a socially constructed role. Gender is defined a social construct, meaning that it don’t exist naturally but it is instead a concept that is created by cultural and societal norm. Culture influences the way we behave as human of the social chain. Instead of going by these norms set up by society, others deviated and found a way to be equalized in culture. In the 1950’s, women were banned from certain areas and couldn’t partake in certain events. Dorothy Tipton, changed her name to Billy Tipton in order to play jazz in a band. In different cultures woman are far more superior but little while vice versa it exist at a larger

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