Gender Roles In Grown Ups 2

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As society has evolved, its morals and ideals have changed along with it. Today it seems that men are dominantly placed on the masculine group where women are subsequently put into a group in which no masculinity is present but only femininity. However, despite the positions set by society, different forms of entertainment and media have intentionally, if not subconsciously implemented their views on gender roles. Grown Ups 2 suggests that men are the Naïve, idiotic, layed-back macho man whereas the women are deemed the most responsible ones but also the ones that are dependent on in a way they would fight for the love of a man.
The film suggests that men have the carefree role of the family unit where the women are viewed as the responsible
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Throughout the movie, copious amounts of obvious messages embedded in the plots and characters themselves suggest that men overall are idiots lacking any sort of intelligent thinking or reasoning. An example in the film is a scene where one of the protagonists, Marcus Higgins goes to K-Mart to buy a weapon to protect himself against his muscular, deranged 18-year-old son. The seller, Robideaux, suggest that Higgins buys pepper spray and to show its effectiveness he sprays his own eyes with the product. This careless display in the film, despite just being actors following a script, gives off a message that men are senseless in the way that they don 't seem to care or think about the potential harm of what their actions can do to themselves and others around them. As the Visual texts continue to prove this message, two local police officers escort, in an additional scene where Lenny Feder must get to his daughters ballet recital. Racing to make it in time for the show, they speed through a small neighborhood shooting their guns upward while behind them Lenny is driving a school bus with the bus driver, surfing on a raft on top of the bus. First off, giving Lenny an illegal police escort makes it clear that these men have no respect for the law. Their lack of pure common sense and any thinking for that matter, show in their disregard of the safety of civilians around them, for…show more content…
For instance, in the film Roxanne Feder becomes jealous of Penny, a local sweetheart Lenny used to date back in sixth grade. The psychotic women threatened Roxanne 's position as Lenny 's wife. Even going as far as saying that Lenny still has feelings for her. Roxanne agrees with the woman that working and keeping a tight toned body will keep Lenny away from Penny. This shows that women can use their bodies and sex appeal as a weapon to seduce and keep that man they desire in their life. Towards the end of the film, the relentless Penny runs to comfort Lenny only after being kicked in the face by Roxanne, where she went to her husband 's aide. The quarrel between the two women in hopes of getting and keeping their man only shows how submissive women are perceived. It 's as if women are in desperate need of a man to comfort, lead and love them. Their so submissive that they would see each other as a threat giving off dirty looks, arguing and even having a physical fight just so that they can have the victory and honor of having Lenny as their
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