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In the book Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, there are many Strong and powerful characters. There are a few females in the book that are powerful in their own way and some are not so much. Olympia, Elly and Iphy are the females that interest me to write about. The three females are siblings. These three individuals have different roles in the book. They grow up in a family travel carnival. They all have different personalities. Each individual has a different way that show they are powerful women or eventually have some power.
Olympia (Oly) is the third child from the Binewski family. She is a hunchbacked albino dwarf. She is not deformed enough to be a star in the family’s carnival act or has any talent like her other sibling. She helps Arty
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She is the nicer girl between the two of them. She is also romantically in love with her older brother Arty. The love that she has for Arty blinded her, she does not realize that Arty is a manipulator and also a bit of a sociopath. Elly really hates it whenever Arty and Iphy are together. Iphy always the one that wants to do the right thing and be nice to everyone unlike her twin sister. Elly can easily control Iphy and convince her to do thing that she never want, so Iphy is not as strong as Elly and sometime can be a pushover. Even though Iphy gets control by her twin sister, she sometime shows that she has a little power in her.
After her child is born, she cares for her baby so much and tries everything she can to feed the baby because the baby constantly needs foods. When her sister Elly kills her child, she has enough courage to kill her own twin sister; while knowing that she will too, die because they are conjoined twin. The females in the book Geek Love are interesting to read about. Oly, Elly and Iphy are three very different characters. Each has their own way of showing the readers how they are powerful. Even though at start, Iphy and Oly does not show so much power in them, as time goes on, they grow older and things change in their life, they show some power and that they can get control of the situation. They are all powerful women in each of their own

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