Hip Hop And Hip-Hop Culture

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Throughout the history of civilization, mankind has been subject to incredible amounts of trends, social experiments, and cultural movements. For example, a rush of Western movies in the late 1960’s lead to a rise in the prominence of Western fanatics. Perhaps the biggest movement of the 21st century, Hip-Hop culture has risen to a zenith throughout the world. Due to the initiation of “Gangster Rap”, however, Hip-Hop culture has seen a shadow of disdain and is often wrongly blamed for a multitude of crimes. Through observation, it is evident that Hip-Hop culture does not promote violence, but freedom. Necessary as a precursor, in order to understand the desires of Hip-Hop one must know the origins of Rap. Hip-Hop/Rap began with a splash in…show more content…
Conventionally, there are more than twenty derivatives of Hip-Hop. The Hip-Hop style which is the most familiar to the world is known as “conversational rap” (Higgins, 2013). This form consists of the artist using a conversational method of rapping where they appear to be telling a story or holding a personal discourse. Conversational Rap is utilized by many of the industry’s current juggernauts. Some of the artists which use this style of rap are: Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Wiz Khalifa. It is universal to understand that Hip-Hop is indiscriminative. In his article Hip-Hop Judaica: The Politics of Representin ' Heebster Heritage, Judah Cohen observes that “Rap music, on the other hand, is anti-classical, a UN-friendly music with dozens upon dozens of subgenres to accommodate and account for the full range of experiences that make up the human condition—irrespective of one 's race, gender, age or geography.” (Cohen,14). Moreover, Hip-Hop/Rap’s most problematic form is known as “Gangster Rap”. This form of Hip-Hop/ Rap is understood to be the turning point in the world of Hip-Hop culture. The “thug life” movement within Gangster Rap started with rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur, known as 2pac. In her article titled “East Coast/ West Coast Rivalry, Yvonne Bynoe states that throughout the 1990’s, 2pac and New

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